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【Official】Toi Fujiya Hotel

Overlooking the beautiful Suruga Bay Matsubara...

An open-air bath on the top floor where you can fully enjoy the beautiful view while gazing at the evening view of Suruga Bay
Seafood kaiseki cuisine that gathers the taste of the season, valuing the uniqueness of Izu
If you leave the inn, you can take a walk along the beach..."Onsen table tennis" during your stay...
Located in the center of Toi Onsen, Matsubara Park, Toi Gold Mine, and Sunset Beach are just 5 to 10 minutes away on foot, making it an ideal base for sightseeing.

In a nostalgic and warm relaxing time in a rural town,
Please enjoy your stay at the Fujiya Hotel which seems to have condensed the trip of Izu tightly.

We have great plan available only on our homepage.

  • 【Best rate for rooms with open-air baths】Room cannot be specified,Run your room from 18,700 yen

    100% free-flowing hot spring water ~ All rooms come with a spacious barrel open-air bath

    The views and arrangements from the rooms vary, but all of the rooms with open-air baths at this facility are bathed in 100% natural hot spring water.
    From check-in to check-out, the bathtub is always filled with fresh hot spring water.

    The minimum amount on each reservation site is 20,900 yen per person, but you can use the best rate plan on our own website for a minimum amount of 18,700 yen.
    Prices vary depending on the date of use, so please be sure to check and make your reservation online.
    ※Please understand that there may be days when we are not selling items.

Heading to Izu in early spring - Cherry blossom festivals held in various locations

  • Early blooming cherry blossoms are in full bloom in various places

    Date and time:
    Kawazu Zakura Festival...February 1st (Thursday) - February 29th, 2024(Thursday)
    Minami no Sakura and Nanohana Festival...February 1st (Thursday) - March 10th, 2024(Sunday)

    The Doi Toizakura Festival Blossom Festival, the earliest cherry blossom festival on Izu Peninsula, has come to a close with great success, passing the baton to Kawazu Cherry Blossoms.
    Kawazu Sakura Festival Festival and the Minami Cherry Blossom and Nanohana Festival, both within 60 minutes by car from Toi Onsen, are about to reach full bloom.
    Lots of fun, including stalls and events! Please take a trip to Izu Peninsula to feel the early spring.

The long-awaited new guest rooms with open-air baths "Hanazuki" and "Yamabuki" are born.

  • A new room was born (※The image is "Yamabuki")

    Three guest rooms with open-air baths newly opened in the fall of 2022.
    In December 2023, we will open a new and expanded guest room with an open-air bath called "Yamabuki."
    The open-air baths in all guest rooms are 100% natural hot springs.
    We have also secured a spacious terrace with an open-air bath so that you can spend a relaxing private time.
    ■Room with Open Air Bath"Yamabuki"
    Stepping room + main room 15 square meters + bedroom 15 square meters + wide veranda + terrace with open-air bath
    A retreat-like room with plenty of feeling of retreat overlooking the Amagi Mountains
    ■Room with Open Air Bath"Hanamizuki - Hanamizuki"
    Japanese-style room 23 square meters + terrace with open-air bath
    You can enjoy bathing while watching the beautiful scenery of the stream pouring into Suruga Bay.

All 20 guest rooms with open-air baths are bathed in 100% natural hot springs - comfortable open-air baths made of cypress barrels.

  • Choose from 20 rooms with different tastes to suit your stay style.

    Three new rooms will open from November to December 2022, bringing the total number of rooms with private open-air baths to 20.
    All rooms are equipped with a cypress barrel open-air bath, and even the smallest type has a diameter of 140 cm, so even two adults can stretch their legs and enjoy the hot spring in a relaxed manner.

    During your stay, 100% fresh hot springs are always overflowing, and you will never get cold.
    The hot water of Toi Onsen is a hybrid hot spring that is collected from 5 sources, and the temperature of the water is slightly high at 57 degrees (the temperature varies slightly depending on the season).
    We have prepared a thermometer, so please dilute it to your preferred temperature and enjoy.
    ※Photo: Special room with open-air bath "Nadeshiko"

A room with an open-air bath x a private room restaurant or a private room restaurant plan, a hot spring trip with your loved one

  • From check-in to out, a trip to the hot springs with your loved ones

    At Toi Fujiya Hotel, meals are served either in a private room restaurant or in a private room style restaurant.
    All of them are not open dining venues, but are built to ensure privacy, so you can enjoy kaiseki cuisine full of seasonal seafood without hesitation with your loved ones.

    ※The photo is a private room style restaurant

Many sunset spots

  • Come enjoy nature review and sunset view of Suruga Bay

    Speaking of Nishi-izu, there are many famous spots for sunset, Nishi-izu with Nishi-izu cho, which was selected as Japan's Best 100 Sunsets"Japan's Best 100 Sunsets best Japan's Best 100 Sunsets."Izu representative "Koibito-misaki" and "Tabibito-misaki" in Izu City are visited by many tourists throughout the year.
    The luxury of watching such a beautiful sunset from your room, while immersing yourself in the hot spring...Isn't it the real pleasure of an inn in the Izu West Coast area that such luxury comes true?
    The image is the evening Yuagari Observatory from the Yubori Yuagari Observatory top floor of the hotel.
    Fujiya Hotel, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view of Suruga Bay from gender-separated open-air baths, private open-air baths, and seaside rooms.

    ※Please contact us as some rooms may not be able to see the sunset.

EV charging stations are now available with advance reservations.

  • We provide comfortable travel for customers using electric vehicles.

    ■Rates:1,100 yen/1 time
    ■specification:Domestic EV/PHEV compatible 6.0kW high output type
    ■rechargeable car:Almost all domestic EV/PHEV vehicles
     ※Foreign cars with different connector shapes are not compatible.

    1. Please call us to check the availability of charging stations on your desired date of stay.
    2.After making your reservation, please let us know that you will be using the charging station.
    3. On the day of the event, please park in the area reserved for reserved EV charging vehicles.
    4.Please receive the password at the front desk and use it.

    Since it takes up to 8 hours, advance reservations for one car per day are required.
    The parking lot is accessed by going down a slope, so cars with low ground clearance are not allowed.

Free shuttle bus service between Toi and Matsuzaki until March 31, 2024

  • 【Reservation required】Free bus runs from Toi Port to Matsuzaki

    We have decided to conduct a demonstration experiment of free shuttle bus operation between Toi and Matsuzaki in Nishi-izu for passengers boarding the Suruga Bay Ferry.
    During the ferry operation period from October 01, 2022 to March 31, 2024, only for "customers who board on foot", use the free shuttle bus four times a day according to the arrival and departure of the ferry. is possible.

    Advance reservations are required to use the free shuttle bus.
    Please be sure to check the linked "Suruga Bay Ferry" homepage for the period, timetable, reservation method, etc.


  • lobby

    Check in at the lobby floor while looking at the garden.
    Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) can be used within the facility.
    Please feel free to relax during your stay.
  • A private bathroom for outdoor bath

    The reserved view open-air bath set on the top floor with a wonderful view must be reserved.
    Enjoy the blissful time of immersing yourself in the hot spring while watching the evening view of Toi.
    If you are staying at the hotel, please make a reservation in advance for ¥ 1,500 for 45 minutes per group.
    ※If you wish to go outpatient, it will be 2,000 yen per person.
  • Esthetic Salon

    Natural remedies salon mimosa"Aromatic Beauty Spa"
    Loquat leaves are said to be useful for beautiful skin, such as promoting metabolism, preventing atopic dermatitis, and swelling and heat rash.The treatment oil contains an extract extracted from the leaves of Toi's specialty "Rare White Loquat

    Reservation:Advance reservation required Tel:0558-98-1350

    There are stores other than the hotel.Since it is very popular, we may not be able to accept reservations for inquiries in the near future or on the day of the event.
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Toi Fujiya Hotel


478-1 Toi, Izu City

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JR Mishima Station Izu Hakone Railway Sunzu Line Shuzenji Station Line-About 50 minutes from Shuzenji Station on the Tokai Bus Matsuzaki 2 minutes walk from After getting off at Toi Onsen Bus Stop

Pick-up presence (condition)
If you board the Suruga Bay Ferry (Shimizu Port), you can pick up and drop off at Toi Port next time.
Shimizu Port 8: 00/13: 20/16: 00 (Please be informed when you board the ship)※10: 20 departure is impossible
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