◆【Country safe and secure certification system of Fuji】It is a target facility
◆【Country trip tickets of Fuji】Reservation acceptance will be suspended after January 22nd
◆Email inquiries are crowded.If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone
Toi Fujiya Hotel

【Official】Toi Fujiya Hotel

Overlooking the beautiful Suruga Bay Matsubara...

An open-air bath on the top floor where you can fully enjoy the beautiful view while gazing at the evening view of Suruga Bay
Seafood kaiseki cuisine that gathers the taste of the season, valuing the uniqueness of Izu
If you leave the inn, you can take a walk along the beach..."Onsen table tennis" during your stay...
Located in the center of Toi Onsen Toi Gold Mine, Matsubara Park, the World’s Best 1 Flower Clock best flower clock and Sunset Beach are 5 to 10 minutes on foot, making it an ideal base for sightseeing.
Please enjoy your stay at the Fujiya Hotel which seems to have condensed the trip of Izu tightly.

Toizakura Festival 2022 held【January 20th to February 6th, 2022】

  • The earliest blooming in Japan Go to Toi Onsen to feel spring earlier than anyone else

    Toizakura Festival held from January 20th to February 6th, 4th year of Reiwa-
    We are planning direct sales of local products, Toizakura Festival, E-BIKE rental bicycles, digital stamp rallies, etc.On Saturdays and Sundays, we will also hold a stage event at Matsubara Park

    【Toi Gold Mine Mine Night Cherry Blossom Illumination】
    17:00 to 20:30 Free admission, last admission 20:00
    ·January 21st (Friday) -January 23rd(Sunday)
    ·January 28th (Friday) -January 30th(Sunday)
    ·February 4th (Friday) -February 6th(Sunday)

Evening view of nature and Suruga Bay, the Izu West Coast where the pace is slow

  • Global Geoparks Izu Peninsula

    There are some inconveniences, but since the railway has come to the present without passing,
    Nishi-izu lot of nature remains untouched in the Nishi-izu area,
    There is an old-fashioned Japanese landscape that is dotted with small fishing villages.

    Also are certified to Global Geoparks, including Toi Gold Mine in the Nishi-izu area, Dogashima and Sanshiro Islands, it is possible Futo Beach and Cape Ose, etc. View and geologically valuable ancient terrain and strata in the eye.
    There are many view spots on Mt Fuji, so it is recommended to take a leisurely drive and take a stroll while taking photos.

Many sunset spots

  • Come enjoy nature review and sunset view of Suruga Bay

    Speaking of Nishi-izu, there are many famous spots for sunset, Nishi-izu with Nishi-izu cho, which was selected as Japan's Best 100 Sunsets"Japan's Best 100 Sunsets best Japan's Best 100 Sunsets."Izu representative "Koibito-misaki" and "Tabibito-misaki" in Izu City are visited by many tourists throughout the year.
    The luxury of watching such a beautiful sunset from your room, while immersing yourself in the hot spring...Isn't it the real pleasure of an inn in the Izu West Coast area that such luxury comes true?
    The image is the evening Yuagari Observatory from the Yubori Yuagari Observatory top floor of the hotel.
    Fujiya Hotel, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset view of Suruga Bay from gender-separated open-air baths, private open-air baths, and seaside rooms.

    ※Please contact us as some rooms may not be able to see the sunset.

September 15 Japanese Spiny Lobster fishing has been lifted

  • Japanese Spiny Lobster is in season

    Japanese Spiny Lobster fishing is lifted on September 15th every year.
    In the coming period, Japanese Spiny Lobster will be in the most delicious season.
    We have plan where you can fully enjoy the Japanese Spiny Lobster, which is a specialty of Nishi-izu at our inn.

    Customers using the "VIP room" and "special room with open-air bath" will be guided to the room or private room restaurant.Even for other room types, it is a guide to a private restaurant that is firmly partitioned by a wall.

    Please come to Nishi-izu in the fall and winter to taste delicious seafood.

Private car rate 98% Let's play with nature-About infection prevention measures due to business resumption

  • With the restart of business, we will welcome you with thorough hospitality to prevent infection.

    【Measures at accommodation facilities】
    1. Employee physical condition management and thorough wearing of masks
    2. Alcohol sprayer installed at the front desk and guest room floor
    3. Plasma cluster air purifier installed in each guest room
    4. Install acrylic panels on the front desk and carry out customer service operations while keeping a distance
    5. Regular ventilation and regular disinfection in this facility
    【Request for cooperation to customers】
    1. Wearing a mask and disinfecting your fingers when visiting the museum
    2. Customers who apply for the Goto Travel Campaign are required to show their ID.
    3.Please refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well (including those who have a fever within 14 days).

Guest room with open-air bath x room meal / private room restaurant plan, trip to hot springs with loved ones

  • From check-in to out, a trip to the hot springs with your loved ones

    ※Rose flower is an image

    plan to use the "VIP room" or "special room with open-air bath" among the guest rooms with open-air bath, meals will be delivered to the private room restaurant "Hanakomichi" for both breakfast and dinner. , You can enjoy your time with your loved ones.
    All rooms are equipped with a Japanese cypress barrel open-air bath with a washroom and a 100% free-flowing source.There are plenty of hot springs to stay during your stay.
    Please heal your self-restraint at the villa in Nishi-izu, which is full of nature.
    ※All other room types are also available at the private room restaurant "Hanakomichi" and the private room-style restaurants "Senshu" and "Horai".Please be assured that you will not be using the hall.

Reservations accepted stopped from January 12 country trip ticket 2022 of Fuji

  • "Now is Shizuoka Genki Journey 2" Reservation acceptance stopped

    In the tourism promotion project "Now is the time for Shizuoka Genki Journey 2" for residents of Shizuoka and neighboring prefectures, the Omicron strain has spread nationwide, and there is concern about the rapid spread of infection in the future, so January 12, 2022. We will stop discounting for new reservations after Sunday (Wednesday).

    ●Discount suspension for new reservations after Wednesday, January 12
    ※Discounts are available for trips booked by Tuesday, January 11th
    ※Travel ticket issuance will be suspended after Saturday, January 15th.
    ●Tickets can be issued until January 14th (Friday) for those who have already booked a trip by January 11th (Tuesday) and have not purchased a travel ticket yet.

【Country safe and secure certification system of Fuji】It is a target facility

  • 【Country safe and secure certification system of Fuji】It is a target facility

    Toyado is involved in Coronavirus infection, in accordance with the guidelines of Shizuoka Prefecture, has received certification of satisfying that requirement "country safe and secure system of Fuji

    We will endeavor to prevent infection regardless of whether there is a state of emergency or a special measures law such as spread prevention.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation even if you visit us.

【Out of Operation】Information about GoTo Travel Campaign

  • 【Out of Operation】Our inn is subject to the GoTo Travel Campaign → Get coupon

    ★All plan are available at our hotel★
    After making a plan reservation with local payment, be sure to go to the STAYNAVI service (external website) from this link and perform the accommodation discount procedure for the GoTo Travel campaign.After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI to the front desk.

    ※Advance card payment is not applicable.
    ※Be sure to print or take the discount coupon before you bring it.
    ※Guests applying for the campaign will be required to show their ID at check-in.


  • lobby

    Check in at the lobby floor while looking at the garden.
    Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) can be used within the facility.
    Please feel free to relax during your stay.
  • A private bathroom for outdoor bath

    The reserved view open-air bath set on the top floor with a wonderful view must be reserved.
    Enjoy the blissful time of immersing yourself in the hot spring while watching the evening view of Toi.
    ¥ 1,500 for 45 minutes each time Please make a reservation in advance.
  • Esthetic Salon

    Natural remedies salon mimosa"Aromatic Beauty Spa"
    Loquat leaves are said to be useful for beautiful skin, such as promoting metabolism, preventing atopic dermatitis, and swelling and heat rash.The treatment oil contains an extract extracted from the leaves of Toi's specialty "Rare White Loquat

    Reservation:Advance reservation required Tel:0558-98-1350

    There are stores other than the hotel.Since it is very popular, we may not be able to accept reservations for inquiries in the near future.
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Hotel Name

Toi Fujiya Hotel


478-1 Toi, Izu City

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JR Mishima Station Izu Hakone Railway Sunzu Line Shuzenji Station Line-About 50 minutes from Shuzenji Station on the Tokai Bus Matsuzaki 2 minutes walk from After getting off at Toi Onsen Bus Stop

Pick-up presence (condition)
If you board the Suruga Bay Ferry (Shimizu Port), you can pick up and drop off at Toi Port next time.
Shimizu Port 8: 00/13: 20/16: 00 (Please be informed when you board the ship)※10: 20 departure is impossible
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