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Carefully cherish temperature, cherish freshness ...

Kaiseki cuisine that preserves the excitement and freshness of traditional Izu and Ryokan

We will provide customers with the best ingredients of the day, without compromising on the raw materials they purchase from the local area, as well as locally sourced fresh seafood and vegetables.

Kaiseki cuisine is well-balanced, whether it's a plate that makes the best use of the ingredients or a highly creative plate that shows a glimpse of skill, and is perfect for enjoying while drinking alcohol.

Cold items are kept cold, warm items are warm, and they are carefully delivered to customers.

Various meal course according to room type and plan

  • Taste both Japanese Spiny Lobster and abalone

    Luxurious kaiseki cuisine where you can fully enjoy the specialties Izu Japanese Spiny Lobster, one spiny lobster and one abalone per person.
    Japanese Spiny Lobster is served with sashimi, and live abalone is served with pottery.
    Please enjoy a variety of luxurious dishes that are super-sized and suitable for special occasions such as anniversaries.
    ※Japanese Spiny Lobster is produced in various places.
  • Kaiseki cuisine where you can taste seafood and live abalone steamed

    Seafood kaiseki cuisine with seasonal sashimi platter with langoustine shrimp and steamed live abalone per person.
    Other than Fujiya Hotel specialties such as Haribarabe, seasonal fish boiled and baked, and small bowls, we will carefully handmade and carry the temperature carefully to the seat.
  • Sashimi platter with scampi and omake-seasonal seafood kaiseki cuisine

    Seafood kaiseki cuisine left to the board chef using seafood purchased that day.
    You can enjoy handicraft dishes such as boiled dishes, porcelain dishes, small bowls, etc. Mainly with sashimi assorted with shrimp, one by one per person.

About the provision of live abalone

  • Live Abalone Dancing

    In order to make the "live abalone dance grill" of this facility softer and juicy, we do not grill it on the net, but "steam it" on a ceramic plate with a lid.

    The cooked abalone has a completely different taste than the sashimi abalone.
    Of course, sashimi that enjoys the chewy texture and the aroma of the shore is also recommended, but when cooked, the abalone gives off a very soft, fragrant and indescribably delicious scent.

    At the time of provision, the abalone is already covered so that it will not escape, and it is ready to be set on fire, but all the abalone provided are "live abalone".Please enjoy the luxurious gem of a seaside inn.

About the restaurant

  • Private Room in Restaurant"Hanakomichi"

    "Hanakomichi" is a completely private room that allows you to quickly carry out Hanakomichi made meals, just a short distance from the kitchen.We cherish the temperature of the cuisine, and as a result of treating your private privacy, we are doing hospitality in the form of a restaurant in the premises.We are preparing table seats for those who wish, so please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Private room restaurant"Senshu""Horai"

    In July 2018, the newly renovated semi-private room restaurants `` Senshu'' and `` Horai'' are
    While there is a sense of openness, separated by a wall and a warm wall,
    A restaurant that protects your private life.